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New feature – website of the week: Banjo & Millie

Say hello to a new feature called Website of the Week.

I’d like to introduce you to Banjo and Millie. They are two very different doggehs: one young, one older, big and small. And they have a super duper blog written by their person. It features cute photos and fun stuffs along with important doggeh advice.

Best of all, Millie (the little brown doggeh) has her own web cam which you can watch on the blog. It’s off as I write this but I bet it’s loads of fun.

Banjo is the older doggeh. He’s a beagle and works in a prison as a therapy doggeh.

We loved this video: Millie does a potty dance. Make sure you watch all the way to the end. Then go check out Banjo & Millie’s blog.


Millie Does the Potty Dance (And Mom Doesn’t Pick Up On It) from Banjo and Millie on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Sadie Shih Tzu! Banjo and Millie here, and we just saw that you had featured us as a website of the week! Thanks so much for the honor! We have been behind in catching up on all of our favorite blogs (including yours) so I just saw this! We really love stopping in to see Sadie – she’s such a pretty girl! Please stop back in some time on a Tuesday or Thursday between 8 and 6 – that’s usually when Millie is live on camera. It’s fun to know what she does when she thinks no one is watching! We can’t wait to see what fantastic blogs you will be featuring – we love to find new friends! XOXO, Banjo and Millie

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