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Martha Stewart Pets

My person just came back from shopping in Americas – I learned that that’s a big country next to Canadas where I live ( I stayed with Sophie Shih Tzu for the weekend).

She got me some cool stuffs including a toy pheasant which makes a quacking noise – do pheasant’s quack? And also some stuffs by a famous lady person called Martha Stewart.

Products from the Martha Stewart Pets line at PetSmart

Mrs Martha sells stuffs at PetSmart and it’s called Martha Stewart Pets.

My person got me poop bags. Even the packaging is super pretty.

Martha Stewart Pets poop bags waste bag rolls

I’m gonna feel super specials when my poop gets collected in one of these bags.

My person also picked up a rope toy which I’m already destroying. **UPDATE: Don’t buy the Martha Stewart rope toy – it disintergrated less than a day after I chewed on it. Not very strong. Small pieces fell off everywhere and I ate them, then pooped them out. That’s not OK. Please don’t buy this rope toy. I even had the one for large dogs!**

Lastly, a ‘waste pad tray’ which is a rubber mat you put under your poopie pads to stop your pee and poop getting on the floor. Lucky thing really cos I have a bad aim sometimes.

Thanks Mrs Martha.