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Like to dress up your dog? Check out these cool stuffs

I’ve been involved in a top secret project which I can now reveal to you.

I’ve been modelling for Black Baron kingdom apparel – they’re a Winnipeg-based company that recycles cool people clothes and turns them into even cooler clothes for doggehs (and cats).

Sadie Shih Tzu modelling a t-shirt from Black Baron

My boyfriend Millo is in lots of the pictures on their website cos his person is Rebecca Sandulak and she is a super cool photographer person who runs the business thingy.

There are lots more photos of me on their website. All their stuffs cost $24.99. They even have a line of clothing that helps raise monies for unfortunate doggehs.

Here’s my boyfriend Millo modelling one of those tees.


  1. Cool. Thanks Mrs Cate. Your ID tags look super trendy too.

  2. I love this stuff and such a great idea. I'm always on the look out for pet stuff that does good things too, something that is close to our hearts at blanket.

  3. Wow – cool outfits and you must have a LOT of confidence. I get embarrassed when my Mom wants to dress me up. Did you celebrate Jan 14 – dress Up Your Dog Day. (Here's what I did:…)
    Oh by the way- my name is Tucker, I'm an Australian Shepherd and I follow your Twitter.

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