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Giveaway! Win a hot pink Zen Hoodie from Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch Zen Hoodie

The lovely people at Canada Pooch sent me one of their Zen Hoodies to give away (exactly like the one shown above).

The Zen Hoodie is the first and only yoga hoodie for your pooch.

It’s made of light-weight stretch fabric which is the same type used for high-end person yoga wear.

It has functional zipper pockets for treat and bag storage (now you’re talking!) and a reflective logo for nighttime visibility. Cos we all know doggies like to do yoga outside in the dark, right.


The one I have is hot pink, size 14 which is made for a dog weighing between 12 and 17 lbs.


To be in with a chance of winning this fine couture, just tell me in the comments below why you want a Zen Hoodie. Easy peasy.

The one that makes me laugh the most, wins. Anyone can enter – even if you’re outside Canada.


Comment by midnight (Central Time) on November 8.


I’ll announce the winner here on my blog on November 9.

And I’ll even take care of shipping the prize to you cos I’m nice like that.


  1. Wow I just want to say Thanks – I am so happy. I think this yoga hoodie is going to be perfect… Thanks so much.

  2. @maizymoo_theshihtzu has been doing her down dog totally wrong! I’m sure this fetching ensemble would improve her poses 100%! Thanks Sadie!!

  3. I’d Lub to haz dis here pink hoodie for my sister! She going through cancer treatment right now-and wif pink, she’ll has super powers to zzzzooom through her chemo! She’s a goof ball sister, so she gets my vote!

  4. Chewy the shih tzu would love a pink hoodie. Thus far he’s had to resort to blues and other masculine colors, but he’s now ready to sport his true color, pink! Chewy also hates cold weather and anything that helps keep him warm is a welcome addition to his wardrobe!

  5. I have really need to win this because I’m 14 years old and I need to have a fashionable outfit right now !!! I compete with Mushu who is five and our newest Yoshi who is not even a year old and they look great in their clothes and I have nothing new to wear… Boy .. this is not acceptable! I know that I know that I know that I know that I need this outfit more than anyone… I thank you for choosing me … my mom will give you our address

  6. My name is piper and my mom has a yoga mat and ball that i just cant help myself by playing with, the problem is she says i cant participate cause i don’t have a yoga outfit like she does.

  7. because (true story) mimi (my shih thus) ‘s pug sister cookie STOLE (not really) her sweater, well her people decided it was better (fitting) for cookie and now i need to update miss mimi’s wardrobe, sigh

  8. I want to take up yoga – they say its good for me
    They say that it will make me calm and me mind will wander free
    I already started exercisin – i gots me foot around
    And stretched it out behind me head
    Buy oh my gosh i’ve found
    I’m in a spot of bother and i am stuck i fear
    Is that the claw on me left hind leg pokin out me ear?
    I have been told to persevere and things will turn out fine
    With practice i will make the grade and so upgrade me mind
    So I’d like a yoga hoodie To wear upon me bod
    And make me look so glamorous when i’m sittin on me tod.
    Thank you.

  9. Well, I’m in Arizona, quite a ways from Canada. Sundog and Barney are two very tough labradoodles. So, we don’t really need a hoodie. However, we know Miss Ella Fitz’Gerald, QOW (Queen of the World) would love one, especially since she shared your link on fb. We know she’s a right funny little doggie, just the right size for that hoodie. And she looks awesome in pink – very Queenly. Anyway, we think it would be awful funny if she didn’t think she won it and then it showed up on her doorstep. I know I’m not a very funny person, but could this count as half a funny for Miss Ella?

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