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Fun stuffs: We had a party at our house

We’re so rock and roll. We had a party at our house.

Everyone had a great time.

I barked at everyone and they were nice enough to drop food on the floor for me all night. Bliss.

Here I am with my man person who was busy entertaining people in our kitchen.


I know it looks like he was by himself.

Honestly, he was actually surrounded by keen partygoers.

I think they were hoping to hear a pearl of wisdom about music journalism. And he held me to make himself look softer and more caring.

And smarter.


See me up there … I’m with Melissa Martin. She’s a super lovely lady. She’s also a journalist person and she has a very cool blog called Nothing in Winnipeg. My person says to tell you that some of her writing has made her cry. She’s a bit clever that Mrs Melissa.

She also wears very cool shoes.