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Felted Fido: must have doggeh item

I’ve had a clay model made to look like me. BZTAT did a painting of me.

It’s only natural that my person should get a Felted Fido version of me.

They are made by a Scottish lady called Dee and ” … created using a wire armature wrapped in fleece and stabbed thousands of times with a single barbed needle. As the fibres interlock the fleece tightens and then after maybe up to 20 hours of work the mini me is born!”

You can have one made for you by contacting Dee through her shop on Etsy.

They all seem to be around $100 so my person is saving up to get one made of me.

You can check out more of Dee’s felted doggehs on her Flickr.


  1. This is super cute. I can’t wait to see the one of Sadie!

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