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Dog blog stuffs: Peace, Love and Poodles helps you get to know me


I was just reading the latest news from DogTipper and came across another doggeh blog called Peace, Love and Poodles which I thought was one of the coolest blog names I’ve ever seen so I decided to check it out.

Peace, Love and Poodles is written by a poodle called Petey Creech who lives in Erwin, North Carolina.

Petey blogs pretty regularly and I liked his latest post about describing yourself so I’m joining in.

  • Describe yourself in seven words: Hungry, Sleepy, Loveable, Persuasive, Extroverted, Cute, Fluffy.
  • What keeps you up at night: An invisible force that makes me bark loudly at the dark.
  • Who would you like to be: Sadie Shih Tzu but with more foods.
  • What scares you: My man-person shouting, strangers.
  • What is the best and worst thing about blogging: The best: making you smile; the worst: hackers, trolls and persons that copy.
  • What’s one thing you wish you could change about yourself: More foods.
  • Blankets: I like to trample on them and rearrange them until they’re just right for me to snuggle in.

Woo hoo!