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Christmas is coming

Today I slept a lot.


Then my persons went out and got some things then came back.

We got new dishes (from Marie Claire) – I still have a nice doggeh bowl which is non-Marie Claire.

Christmas crackers. They go ‘pop’ which makes me scared.

New place mats. I like to lick these after persons have eaten on them.

A rolling pin – my person is gonna make mince pies. Not sure about mince pies yet.

And some other boring stuffs.

They got some nice things for my pal Sophie Shih Tzu.

A cosy doggeh blanket and a poop bag dispenser.

There is a space in the front room where the tree is supposed to go but my persons haven’t put it up yet. Man person has promised to do it tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to more chew toys. The tree will be full of them.


Waiting for me to rescue them from the tree.