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Canada Pooch Zen Hoodie

Thanks to everyone who left a comment hoping to win the Canada Pooch Zen Hoodie (exactly like the one shown above).

I’m pleased to announce that the hoodie goes to …

Buffy Tuckfield …

Buffy wrote a cute and funny rhyme.

I want to take up yoga – they say its good for me
They say that it will make me calm and me mind will wander free
I already started exercisin – i gots me foot around
And stretched it out behind me head
Buy oh my gosh i’ve found
I’m in a spot of bother and i am stuck i fear
Is that the claw on me left hind leg pokin out me ear?
I have been told to persevere and things will turn out fine
With practice i will make the grade and so upgrade me mind
So I’d like a yoga hoodie To wear upon me bod
And make me look so glamorous when i’m sittin on me tod.
Thank you.

Buffy, if you’re reading this please send your mailing address to me at and we’ll get this yoga hoodie to you quick smart.

• • •

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