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A hard day’s work

My person took me to her works today. Phew. What a busy day I had.

First she made me get in the carrier (which has now become a comfy bed). This seemed fine. I got carried to the bus stop – more rest time for iSadie!

But then I got a bit worried. There were all these noises and things flashing past me. Oh, and it was super cold.

We got into a big bus and I wanted to sniff and look at all the peoples but my person had zipped me into the carrier so I couldn’t poke my head out and see. This made me a bit angry so I barked as loud as possible to be really annoying. That worked really well cos my person got all worried and unzipped the top of my carrier so I could see out.

Then I saw my chance and I tried to get out so I could look around properly. Craps. She pushed me back in and zipped me up. Apparently the bus driver don’t like iSadies.

So I did my barking thing again and started shaking. That got my person really concerned so she unzipped me again and I got to ride all the way to works with my head out of the carrier.

At works there were lots of nice peoples who wanted to play with me but my new carrier has become such a cosy little resting place that I didn’t care for much other than snoozing.

Another person in the works place has an iSadie. But she’s called iDaisy. iDaisy was at works today too so I bit her a lot and chased her around which made her super mad.

That really tired me out so I had a very long snooze. My person has a very comfy lap so sometimes I snoozed there while she did some computer thing.

What an exhausting day.