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The most delicious dog food in the world

2016 update

My mum doesn’t feed me a homemade diet anymore. You have to really know what you’re doing if you choose to go that route.

I recommend checking out this post by Dr. Karen Becker for the best nutrition advice for your doggeh. Or, if you’re set on a homemade diet, get a copy of Dr. Becker’s book Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats Cookbook.

PS: we’re not affiliated with Dr. Becker. We gain nothing from recommending her or her book. Just the good conscience that you’re getting appropriate advice.

My person got to work on the home-made dog food tonight. It smelled amazing and once it was cooked I looked longingly at the top of the oven waiting for a morsel to fall into my mouth.

We made Buffaloaf – except we didn’t have buffalo or a loaf tin.

So it’s probably more accurate to say we made bison cake.

All the ingredients were organic. The bison was from Manitoba.

Photo of spinach

My person steamed some spinach.

Photo of carrots and zucchini

She added carrots and zucchini.

Photo of eggs in a box

She put two eggs in another bowl.

Photo of the lid on a pot of cottage cheese

Along with cottage cheese.

Photo of quinoa stored in a glass jar

And cooked quinoa.

Photo of ground bison and product label stating bison is from Oak Ridge Meats Ltd.

Plus the most important thing – the BISON!

She put the steamed vegetables in the blender and mixed all this stuff together until it looked like a big blob of mush. Mush which smelled LOVELY!

Then it went into the oven for 40 minutes while we went for a walk.

And here it is … the finished food.

Photo of home-cooked dog food just out of the oven

Of course I had to sample some.

It was the tastiest doggeh food ever. Even my person tried some and said it was great. She better keep her hands of my dinner. Grrrrr!