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Rawhide alternatives

A while back I wrote about the dangers of rawhide.

My person switched me to Bully Sticks which are explained here.

I like chewing Bully Sticks. In fact I like them so much that I can get through a packet in one week. These things cost $15 per packet so my person decided to try out beef marrow bones which are $5 for three.

I have carried out the Sadie Shih Tzu taste test on these bones and am delighted to report that they are DELICIOUS. So delicious that my person couldn’t prize the bone away from me.

Sometimes I even sleep with the bone.

Doggehs and peoples: if you’re looking for a safe alternative to rawhide, I can highly recommend Bully Sticks for the rich among you and beef marrow bones for the the frugal.

Happy chewing!


  1. Thank you for warning doggies about rawhide! When my mama worked at the doggie emergency room, she saw several cases where pups had to get surgery because it was poking their insides- OUCH! Keep up the great blog!

  2. that sure looks good….*drools*….hmm have I tried marrow bones? mom?

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