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Foods: Today I visited a special foods doctor

So you know how my person makes me home-cooked food stuffs?

She reads a lot about how to keep me healthy (all I care about is how it tastes and how often it fills up my dinner bowl). She’s read a trillion, bazillion things and they all say different stuffs. Feed tomatoes, don’t feed tomatoes, feed diary, don’t feed diary, feed raw, feed cooked, add supplements, don’t add supplements … and the list goes on.

I noticed that this was really stressing my person out so I nudged her to make an appointment with Dr Lea Stogdale at Aesops in Winnipeg, Canada – they do holistic stuffs.

Today we went to see the special food doctor person.

She said that my diet is yum yums and I just needed to make a few changes. For example: my person throws whole eggs into the blender right now and crushes them up into little itty bitty pieces to give me calcium. Apparently they need to be dried and put into the coffee grinder to make them powdery. My little furry body will absorb the calcium much better this way.

We also picked up some supplements.

I pooped in the doctor person’s office, by the way.