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Foods: Sadie Shih Tzu’s homemade dog food recipe

2016 update

My mum doesn’t feed me a homemade diet anymore. You have to really know what you’re doing if you choose to go that route.

I recommend checking out this post by Dr. Karen Becker for the best nutrition advice for your doggeh. Or, if you’re set on a homemade diet, get a copy of Dr. Becker’s book Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats Cookbook.

PS: we’re not affiliated with Dr. Becker. We gain nothing from recommending her or her book. Just the good conscience that you’re getting appropriate advice.

A lot of you have been checking out posts on my bloggeh about homemade food.

I thought I would share with you the foods that my person cooks for me.

Before you switch your doggeh to a homemade diet, always check with your vet first. My person took me to an holistic veterinary specialist who gave us advice on what to include in my foods so that I get a balanced diet.

Every day my person adds a pro-biotic and a digestive enzyme to my foods. I also get a multivitamin every morning.

Click on the image below to see the recipe. You’ll be able to save it to your computer or print it out.


(All quantities are approximate and are made to cater for a 12lb dog)

1) 5-6lbs organic elk or bison (you can and should substitute other meat over time such as chicken, turkey and beef)

2) 500g bag of mixed frozen organic vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans) + 350g bag of frozen organic butternut squash + 350g bag (x2) of frozen organic sweet potato

3) 4 whole organic (or free range) eggs

4) 2 organic apples or 6 tbsp of apple puree

5) 100g organic blueberries

6) Finely crushed egg shell (1/2 tsp egg shell per pound of meat). We save the egg shells, dry them out and then crush the shells in a clean coffee grinder. Only when the shells are in powder form like this can you use it as a calcium supplement.


Pre-heat oven to 350F

1) Throw all the vegetables into a large pot with water just covering the vegetables and cook on a medium heat until the vegetables are slightly soft. Try hard not to overcook the vegetables because you’ll lose lots of valuable nutrients.

2) Throw all the meat into an extra large steel or glass bowl.

3) Put the whole eggs, apples and blueberries into a blender and blend until finely pureed. Add to the bowl of meat and mix very well.

4) Once the vegetables are slightly cooked, DO NOT DRAIN. Carefully add some of the vegetables and water to a blender and mix until you’ve done all the vegetables and water. Add each bunch of blended vegetables to your bowl of meat and mix and mix and mix until your arm hurts making sure that all the ingredients are well blended.

5) Transfer the meat/vegetable blend into oven-safe dishes. My person usually uses three dishes to cook all my foods.

6) Cook the stuff until it’s not pink in the middle – usually around an hour.

My person takes the stuff out of the oven and lets it cool down. Then she covers it and waits for it to be totally cooled. She cuts the foods up and transfers little batches into freezer bags and puts all the bags in the freezer. Some peoples say you should use glass containers (chemicals from plastic can leach into the food) but we don’t have a big enough freezer to store all that foods in glass containers.

The whole batch usually last me three weeks and I get fed twice a day. My person takes out a bag of frozen food, leaves it to defrost and serves.

If you have any additions or fun recipes, please share them in the comments below.

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  1. im a shih tzu also. my person is going to feed me the same as you. we are gonna start with turkey and later venison. my food now has to much stuff, me person called crap in it, and wants me to have good stuff. he tells me i will feel alot better. im only 6 lbs right now but im growing. what do you get for bones. my person wants to give me raw bones but he wants to make sure they are good for me.

    me person is going to add a special ingredient to your receipe. adding diatomacous earth (food grade) to help me not have worms and parasites. i had a flea the other day so he rubbed it on me to kill the flea. he likes me alot.

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