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Foods: My person cooked me a new homemade recipe

2016 update

My mum doesn’t feed me a homemade diet anymore. You have to really know what you’re doing if you choose to go that route.

I recommend checking out this post by Dr. Karen Becker for the best nutrition advice for your doggeh. Or, if you’re set on a homemade diet, get a copy of Dr. Becker’s book Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats Cookbook.

PS: we’re not affiliated with Dr. Becker. We gain nothing from recommending her or her book. Just the good conscience that you’re getting appropriate advice.

Update: We forgot to mention that all the ingredients used in this recipe were organic

As you know, I like my foods.

Puppies can never have too many belly rubs or try out too many homemade doggeh foods.

Today my person cooked ‘Wendy’s Basic Bulk Recipe’ which – I admit – doesn’t sound very tasty.

The recipe is from a book we recently got called The Natural Pet Food Cookbook.

As the master taste tester I can confirms that this is PUPPY PARADISE.

Wait until you see what it looks like. You’ll never believe me.

It tastes like pork with applesauce. Yum!