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What you read on my blog: the most popular posts from 2009

You persons and anipals are an interesting lot.

I wanted to see what you were reading on my bloggeh in 2009.

So my person did some clever things with graphs and numbers and this is what we came up with.

I am proud to announce the top 10 posts you were reading in 2009 …

  1. Cute doggeh and kitteh Twitter backgrounds
  2. Dogs on Twitter
  3. Critters who Twitter
  4. The many faces of Sadie Shih Tzu
  5. Doggehs: don’t eat rawhide (SUPER bad for you. Wish this was number one.)
  6. A very sad day: I miss you Oscar (R.I.P Oscar kitteh)
  7. The joys of autum leaf eating
  8. Should people fix their puppies? The great debate
  9. Jennifer Specht makes a clay model of moi
  10. Trixie’s 10 tips for anipals on Twitter

Fank you from the bottom of my hungry doggeh tummy for reading my stuffs.

I hope you hang around some more with me in 2010 to find out what other mischief I can get myself into.