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Social media: Watch out persons – cats & dogs are taking over the interwebs!

Some people think it’s a bit odd when they hear I have a blog and my own accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Pinterest.

They think a dog shouldn’t be allowed on the interwebs. They think the interwebs are only for persons.

How wrong they are!

You see, people, I am not alone.

There are thousands just like me and we’re taking over the interwebs.

In fact, during the past few months I’ve inspired two Shih Tzu friends to get their own blogs (handsome Remi Shih Tzu and my doppelganger Gracie Lu Shih Tzu).

I present the evidence:

Brought to you by Dogs for sale


  1. I just luv yur blog Sadie!  I just hate it when my person hogs the compooter, causing me to loose valuable frienz time!  Work, bah!

    • I just love you Ella. Everything you say makes me bark out loud. Thanks for your nice words about my blog. x

  2. Very cool post, Sadie. I really like this infographic… But I can’t believe they said our persons are Tweet and blogging for us. Does your mama Liz really do all of this for you?! Jeez… 

    • Thanks Gracie. Yes, my person helps with all this social media stuff. It would be too much for a doggeh to do on their own. For example, I have no idea how to use that Photoshop thingy.

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