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Cute website: Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog

I was reading about this super cutes and very cool website today: Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog.

Homer is a 14 month old French bulldog who belongs to a man person that owns an art gallery. Over the last 10 months, since the art gallery 360SEE opened, Homer sits regularly in his favorite spot  – in front of one of the two 6′ x 9′ front gallery windows.

Homer is a cute doggeh and must look extra cutes sleeping or sitting there cos lots of peoples take his photo.

Mr Jordan Witkov, 360SEE director and owner asked, “Where are these photos going? And what are they being used for?”

Mr Jordan wanted to take this a step further and started to document the people taking photos of Homer. Well he had to put them somewhere so he created the Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog blog.

Homer is obviously a doggeh after my own heart – I have a favourite spot too in the window. I wonder if anyone ever takes photos of me when they pass by?