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Blogging: My blog winned an award for Best Design

I’m rich! I’m famous! I winned an award for my blog.

Unfortunately the award doesn’t come with any foods but my person says not to be so ungrateful.

Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu was nominated for three Canadian Weblog Awards early in 2010.

I worked very hard to write lots on my blog, upload cute photos and keep it looking pretty for you.

I readed the rules and guidance about blogs that are nominated and I tried to be a good blog student and do as much right as I could here.

All my hard works paid off and I was honoured to win third place (out of five) for the Best Design category in the Canadian Weblog Awards.

My person and me didn’t think I would place at all because the other blogs shortlisted for Best Design were beautifuls.

First place went to Wish Jar – gorgeous looking. Very much deserved. Mrs Keri is a clever illustrator and author. Extra big face lick to her.

Second place went to Everybody Likes Sandwiches – lots of beautifuls. Mrs Jeannette is a very clever illustrator lady too. Her and her husband man coded and designed her website.

So you see, I was up against some super clever peoples who very much deserved to win.

My blog is built using a WordPress theme called Cutline created by Chris Pearson. My person tweaked it and fiddled around to make it look like it does. She uses fonts which are embedded using Cufón (and sometimes Typekit).

But the icing on the cake is the amazing illustrated custom header designed by Mrs Kendyl Lauzon – a very talented Canadian artist.

Really the award is for these peoples. I just look good in photos.

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  1. Congratulations! Fab way to start the new year!

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