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Sadie Shih Tzu beach baby!

Apparently I’ve been tagged.

Wot on earth does that mean dear reader person?

Trixie, my long-time Twitter pal and online doggeh extrordinaire, got tasked with the job of posting the 10th photo of her from her blog. In turn she tagged me to do the same. And my job is to tag 5 others.

I looked back at my photos and, having counted with my paws, can now reveal this as the 10th photo from my blog.

This is from the beach holiday we had last year. I got to run around in the sun and sand. It was BWILLIANT! Then some nasty lady made me get back on my leash cos her small person didn’t like doggehs. Party pooper!

In honour of this honour (!) I hereby tag the following critters or persons to do the same as me: the 10th photo of you on your blog and tag 5 more persons and critters.

–  My newest person friend – Cate – who has a super cool blog
–  My cute poodle pal – Joe – whose mama person writes interesting stuffs
–  Sam the poddle who is super naughty just like me
–  Miss Rebecca Sandulak – a clever photographer lady who looks after my delicious boyfriend Milo
–  And last but not least Petie the cat – cos he’s a Winnipeg critter, like me, and he’s smart.

Got questions: let me know.


  1. Lou – I'd like to give you a wet nosekiss.

  2. look at your ears! *woof* so cute so cute :o)

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