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Website of the Week: Bullies Against Bullying


Meet my new Facebook friend Champ Waring. He’s an eight-year-old bulldoggeh.

Champ and his sister Girl are super funny.

But Champ has had a pretty bad life.

“In Aug. 2009, I was found wandering the streets of Miami and was taken to a local high-kill shelter. I had severe puncture wounds through my neck, lacerations covering my body, and all four of my canine teeth had been filed down. Everyone thought I had been used as a bait for dog fighting. I waited in the shelter until my 5 day hold was up and a rescue came to save me. My puncture wounds had to be flushed out twice daily with a special solution and my badly infected ears needed to be cleaned daily with specially medicated cleaner.

Over time, my wounds healed and my external appearance looked much better…. but I was still battling the unseen. My temperature began to fluctuate drastically and I was very lethargic. No one knew what was wrong, but I started feeling better. So I started attending rescue events and began obedience training. I was still possessive of my food and toys and terrified of loud noises. Finally I was physically ready for adoption; mommie Neely asked me if I wanted to stay with her forever. I said sure!”

(You can read more here but there are some pretty terrifying photos – you have been warned.)

Because of all this super bad stuffs, Champ established Bullies Against Bullying – an anti-bulling campaign.

This all made me very sads so I thought it was important that I tell you about the bad stuffs that persons do to animals. I hope that by showing people doggehs can change, it will help others like Champ find a safe, forever home.

Big kisses to you Champ. I’m so very happy that you mended your sore bits and found a nice person to love you.


  1. That was the saddest story ever…I’m so glad it had a happy ending. Unfortunately a lot of pups don’t have such a good ending. I’m glad champ is helping to spread awareness. Thanks for introducing him. He’s a real hero.

  2. fanks for sharing my webpage miss sadie. i did have a sad life before, but not today. today my life is a blast! i am very blessed to hab a wonderful home wif great friends and family. and i lub my work as a therapy dog! happily ever afters do exist!!!! 

    • That makes me super happy Champ. I’m really proud that you’re a therapy dog. Big kisses to you.

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