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Video: winter pet safety tips

As a dog who likes to eat anything I know mores than most that winter is a special time of year when there are new, shiny fun stuffs to eat. And lots of exciting food smells.

When my person tells me not to eat the lightbulbs on the Christmas tree, I tend not to listen. But maybe you’re a more sensible dog. Or maybe you’re a dog who doesn’t know the dangers to watch for at this time of year.

First aid kit

Us anipals have to be super carefuls right now cos even though tinsel and lightbulbs look fun to eat, they can actually kill us – and my person wouldn’t be very happy about that.

The video below is from a TV show in Americas and has lots of very useful, simple tips for our persons to help them help us.

My person and me think that you should watch it. Maybe you didn’t know that doggehs shouldn’t eat onions or raisins for examples.

Photo from stock.xchng