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This dog will eat anything!

When my person was very small she read a poem for a contest.

She spent lots of time looking for the poem when she growed up but couldn’t find it.

Suddenly today she found it after she discovered me snacking on a glass bulb from a string of Christmas lights. She says this is her ode to me cos I likes to eat things. Pretty much anything.

Greedy Dog by James Hurley

This dog will eat anything
Apple cores and bacon fat,
Milk you poured out for the cat.
He likes the string that ties the roast,
And relishes hot buttered toast.
Hide your chocolates! He’s a thief,
He’ll even eat your handkerchief.
And if you don’t like sudden shocks,
Carefully conceal your socks.
Leave some soup without the lid,
And you’ll wish you never did.
When you think he must be full,
You find him gobbling bits of wool,
Orange peel or paper bags,
Dusters and old cleaning rags.
This dog will eat anything.
Except for mushrooms and cucumber.
Now what are wrong with those I wonder?


  1. I’m a national field representative with Healthy Pet Net. a natural pet food company. Have Sadie check out my website. Once she tries Life’s Abundance dog food she won’t eat anything else. It will be delivered right to her front door within 2 to 3 business day’s and will never be more then 4 to 6 weeks old.

  2. my shi-tzu just ate a mandarin orange peel.

    Is Sadie ok after doing something like this?

  3. Love the poem! *woof*
    but are you gonna be ok Sadie? Please don't eat glass bulb!
    *worried nosekiss*

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