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The talk that may have just saved my life

When my person gets ready in the morning she squirts herself with Gap’s Heaven perfume.

It smells lovely.

But she keeps it in the kitchen.

Which is about one foot away from my water bowl.

Guess what happens to all those little ‘Heaven’ particles? They float around the kitchen but mostly land in my water bowl.

That’s no good.

Hey, if you want to feed me poison put it in my food bowl.

My person had a very long talk with a special lady who told her about the perfume thingy.

Nadine M. Rosin is a holistic pet/toxic-free living consultant, pet bereavement facilitator, researcher, speaker, and author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood: a true story about the person-animal bond, healing canine cancer naturally, and an empowering new take on the grieving process when a beloved animal passes away.

Woo! Thems big long words for a doggeh.

Like I said, my person spoke to Nadine to understand ways to help me live toxin-free. She’d never thought twice about the perfume thingy but her talk with Nadine made her realise she was doing some dumb stuff which can be easily fixed.

I started off following Miss Nadine on Twitter ages ago and then my person copied me and started following her too. (Persons rarely have ideas of their own!)

Then my person found out that Miss Nadine had written a special book about when her doggeh Buttons got sick with cancer. Miss Nadine helped Buttons get all better with holistic stuffs.

This sounded like a super good idea and my person had a consultation thingy with Miss Nadine last night.

It’s amazing what stuffs persons can do to give us doggehs happy lives.

If you don’t mind reading sad and happy stuffs, buy a copy of Miss Nadine’s book. For more information on the book and one-on-one phone consultations go to this special lady’s website

Buttons and Nadine

Miss Nadine asked if she could put these words below on my bloggeh:

Miss Nadine writes: It’s all about prevention, pet parents! What our pets are exposed to regularly has a HUGE impact on their health. We are all what we eat, breathe, and absorb through our skin.

Our pets’ bodies metabolize everything so much faster than ours: what everyday chemicals may take 40 or 50 years of exposure to create disease in our bodies, may only take three to six years of exposure to create disease in theirs.

In our one-on-one, personalized consultation, we’ll discuss your choice of food, treats, toys, home and personal products – thoroughly examining everything you currently expose your pet to – including insidious things you are not even aware of! After explaining why some of those things may be extremely harmful to your pet, I’ll share some simple, easily attainable alternatives that I myself use and help guide you into creating the safest, healthiest environment possible in your home.

Let me help you stack the odds against your pets ever developing cancer. **This is NOT a veterinary or diagnostic service**


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the perfume thingy. I'll make sure to tell my Mommy!

  2. Well Sadie I am so glad your person found out about the perfume thingy, I am not surprised to hear that is bad for doggehs, it gives me an awful headache and the sneezes too.Anyway my dear we lady doggehs smell just lovely au naturel…..

  3. Dear Sadie- Miss Nadine here. For the benefit of all the doggehs and pet parents reading this, just wanted to mention that that perfume is just as toxic to you in the air you breathe as it is in your water bowl. So if Mum sprays it on herself anywhere in the house- run like mad! :)

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