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The Sadie Shih Tzu Manifesto

1. Foods. Where are the foods? My mouth and belly are waiting. Talking of bellies …

2. You can never have too many belly rubs.

3. Face licking is like meditation but it tastes better.

4. Give me my bully stick. Now!

5. Throw my orange ball! And no, I won’t bring it back to you. You have to chase me.

6. Where is my breakfast/dinner? I demand it!

7. Get out of the bed daddy (man person). I will bark and bark and bark until you do.

8. Do NOT come to my front door! I will bark at you unless you have treats and rub my belly.

9. I WILL pee on the landing. And there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

10. If you are another doggeh, you may NOT be petted by my person. I will growl at you.


  1. BOL You’re just too cute, Sadie.

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