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So freezings outside

I’m having a spot of bother.

As a dog I like the outdoor life.

Remember this summer I got to run freely on the beach, splish splash in the water and dig in the sand?

Sadie has a good 'ole dig

And those summer days when we had the front door open and I could check out the cute dog across the street?

I am totally checking out the dog across the road in this photo

Sadly those days are over because the snow and cold has arrived and it’s so freezings outside.

My person loves the snow and so do I but I’m having trouble with the cold on my feets. I keep falling over outside cos it’s hard to stand on concrete which has been blasted with minus 25.

If you want to imagine how cold it is where I am, do this: think of the coldest you’ve ever been. To help, put your hand or paw inside your freezer. Then times that feeling by about 50. It’s amazing any of us doggehs survive in these temperatures.

It makes my person super mad when we’re out walking and we see a dog kept outside. I usually say ‘hi’ but she thinks it’s not right cos it’s so cold.

In fact I haven’t been for walkies for two nights now.

My eyes droop alot and I’m feeling kind of sleepy.

Sleeping is so the best