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Photo of the Day: Too cold to go for walkies (we’re as cold as the North Pole)

Sadie Shih Tzu in a blanket

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts by doggehs writing about snow on their blogs.

I love snow. We get lots of it where I live in Canada.

We also get crazy cold temperatures.

For example, I haven’t been for a walk since Sunday (today is Friday).

Tonight we braved the cold and my person took me for a speed walk.

In the past week I’ve been outside in the garden a couple of times but usually for less than a minute and I fall over or try to stand on one paw because where I live it’s often as cold as the North Pole.

Crazy times!

My person can’t believe that people settled here. Ever.

Right now the temperature is -21.5°C with a wind chill of -31°C. In the North Pole it’s -28 °C.

This weather typically lasts from January to March but we have snow for about six months of the year.

All of this means that sometimes I don’t get walkies so I snuggle in a blanket and sleep instead – like I am right now. And bug my persons (sometimes in the middle of the night).

Sadie Shih Tzu falling asleep

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  1. Woa that is some cold weather!! Never have to worry about that in florida loll

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