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Meet my Facebook friends: Bailey & Miko Shih Tzu

I have lots of lovely anipal friends on Facebooks. Two of my favourite most handsome Shih Tzu boys are Bailey and Miko (though, of course, not as handsome as my beautiful boyfriend Millo). They send such sweet messages and make everyone laugh. Bailey has been a bit poorly so my heart has been sad for him. I thought you might like to hear a bit about them and so I asked them to write a little post for my blog. This is what they had to say.

Hello we are Bailey and Miko and we are two male Shih Tzu’s who live with our human Mom in England. Sadie is our friend on Facebook.

Bailey and Miko Shih Tzu on the beach

This is us when we went on holiday in September, Bailey is on the left.

We’re very lucky because Mommy always take us with her on holiday. As you can see from our photo, we love the beach. Not long after this Miko had to go back on his lead cos he pinched someone’s ball and wouldn’t give it back.

Bailey wasn’t very well back in May and developed rear leg paralysis. He had to have an MRI scan. The scan showed that he had had a bleed on a couple of his vertebrae. [Sadie: Boo hiss!]

To help him recover the power in his rear legs Bailey had to go to hydrotherapy.

Bailey Shih Tzu doing his canine dog hydrotherapy

Although Bailey still gets tired he can walk a lot further now. And when he is really tired he goes in his buggy – which he loves.

Bailey Shih Tzu sitting in his buggy

Some Shih Tzu’s have long coats which require daily grooming – not us!

We like to have short coats and be cut regularly because this means we can play and get dirty – which we do very often.

Our breed is prone to eye problems so it’s good that our facial hair is cut short so that it doesn’t go in our eyes and cause problems or cover our eyes so we can’t see!

Bailey had bulging eyes and was prone to eye ulcers because his eyes were very dry. The vet reduced both his upper and lower lids on both eyes and now he does not have any eye trouble. [Sadie: Poor Bailey!]

Bailey and Miko Shih Tzu lying down on a red carpet

Shih Tzu’s are very friendly dogs with great personalities. Our Mom says that she would not be without us. [Sadie: My person says the same thing.] We’re not just pets but we are very much part of the family.