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My Auntie Karen’s New York dog diary

My lovely Auntie Karen just went to New Yorks with her husband man. She took lots of photos of doggies and visited the Bergdorf department store. Apparently they have lots of nice stuffs for doggies – some people call it canine couture, whatever that is.

Here are her photos and this is what she had to say.

“Fascinating to watch these poor animals (who have probably never known the freedom of a proper backyard of grass) peeing on the flowers growing around the trees in the sidewalk. Tiny tiny green peeing spots. No wonder they wash the sidewalks down each night! I felt very sorry for them.

They were so well trained too. They stopped at every corner and looked at their walker for direction. No sign of any doggeh envy or dog roughhousing. Very unnatural life for a doggeh.

One very wee doggeh was asked to jump into his mommie’s purse so she could take him/her into a shop which had just opened its doors to allow shoppers in to try on a load of shoes ( which must have fallen off the back of a truck). So the dog jumped and his mommie got to go to a shoe sale.

Sadie- you don’t know what hardship is!”

Bergdorf dog section with accessories for pets

New York dog walker with four dogs about to cross street

Woman walking giant black poodle in New York

Man with a big dog on a New York street