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Merry mince pie goodness


I’ve had a revelation.

I know why persons say Christmas is all about giving.

My doggeh mama baked some mince pies and THEY WERE GOODS.

She was SO kind to leave four of them on the dinning room table for me on Boxing Day.

My mama was upstairs having a nap.

My man person was in the basement with the door shut watching football.

I heards a sound.

And then I knew it was coming from the table. I looked up and the chair invited me to join the mince pie party.

I won the prize – four pies.

For some reason my mama wasn’t happy.

I still can’t figure out why.


  1. *drools*

    oh I agree with Shawnee. yep. definitely.


  2. Those mince pies does look nommy. I would has done the same thing. I think your mama mite be confused. She mite has lefted them on the table for you and forgotted. Peeples is like that sometimes.

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