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Meet my boyfriend

Millo – a Yorkie/Shih Tzu cross – came to visit with his person Rebecca Sandulak (a clever photographer lady.)

I wasn’t sure about him at first. And then he peed on my bed.

The most obvious course of action was to chase Millo around the living room and snarl a lot. Which I did. He needed to be told who’s boss. But I couldn’t help dribbling. What was happening to me?

This seemed to not have quite the desired effect. Instead of backing off, Millo wanted to get to know me better. Much better.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. This is all very new to me. So I went to hang with my person but Millo followed me. And then he darn well kissed me. Well, I’ve never been kissed by a doggeh before. It took me quite by surprise.

After that I was in a state of confusion and shock.

But the more I looked at Millo, the more I realised how handsome he was.

In fact I suddenly found that I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

And that was that. Millo was under my spell and I was under his.

After all this kissing, sniffing, staring and other intimate doggeh stuffs (I’m spayed in case you were wondering), we needed a rest.

It didn’t take long to recharge our batteries and head out to the garden for more staring at Millo and some serious chasing action.

Then we got kind of tangled up.

We look pretty good together don’t we?

We stayed outside so long my face frosted up though. I’m off to the beauty spa on Friday so I can look gorgeous for Millo.

Photos by Rebecca Sandulak


  1. This is adorable!!! Both are so cute!!!! 

  2. You have a boyfriend? He kissed you….? …..*sigh*…..
    well, it's been a while since herb the hound…
    Yes, you guys look good together… *sigh*
    Great pics :o)

  3. Canine etiquette has always been a bit beyond me Sadie, the nose straight to the crotch is not mentioned in Emily Post. However Milo got the message across with his Golden Shower quite clearly and I am so glad you two had a perfectly wonderful time

  4. Those is amazing pikshurs! And whew, so glad that you is spayed just in case if'n Millo gets any ideers bout the hanky panky or somefin. You knows how those boys is. If'n they try that wif me I clobber them coz I is not that kind of gurl but then I is way bigger than you is.

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