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Meet Chewy Lewis

I’m currently ‘testing’ out a new toy for the nice lady person who created my blog header – she’s super creatives and makes cool stuffs.

Her name is Kendyl Lauzon and she’s making doggeh toys which are [my person asked me to write this bit and I’ve no idea what it means] pure acrylic yarn, stuffed with washable, hypoallergenic, poly-fil cotton. Blah, blah, blah.

All I care about is CAN I CHEW IT?

The answer is YES I CAN.

My new toy is called Chewy Lewis. Mrs Kendyl will be selling them for other doggehs but she’s still testing them so her site is sort of under constructions or something.

I threw Chewy around the front room – according to the ‘product survey’ that my person has to fill out about the new toy, this is called whipping and slapping. I’m very good at whipping and slapping apparently.

The whipping and slapping photos didn’t turn out too well cos I guess I’m moving around too much. Sorry about that.

Here’s me and Chewy minus the whipping and slapping action.

Sadie Shih Tzu with a new dog toy in her mouth

Sadie Shih Tzu chews on her new dog toy

Sadie Shih Tzu with a dog toy in her mouth

Sadie Shih Tzu inspecting her new dog toy