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Join my Slipper Liberation Army!

Are you a liberator? A fighter? A chewer of slippers?

You are not alone.

Join me in my quest to free slippers everywhere. Become a proud member of my Slipper Liberation Army by adding this member badge to your blog sidebar.

Display it with pride.

Tell your slipper-chewing friends.

Let’s get justice for slippers!


To download the badge simply right click with your mouse and ‘Save image as.’

Join my Facebook fan page and show your support publicly: Slipper Liberation Army.

My man person recently taped up his slippers to hide my chewing conquest.

See for yourself.



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  1. LOLOL I would totally subscribe to this but Mamma Biscuit has no teeth and therefore can’t really chew anything! I mean, she gums her food, but that’s about it! Either way, LOL this post was hilarious! LOL

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