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I’m still here (in my sunbeam)

We’ve had SO MUCH SNOW but finally it’s starting to melt and I can see the pavement again.

My hair got super long too but I’ve been to the groomers and now look ready for spring!

There’s a new sunbeam in my front room. My favourite one is by the window but as the sun moves around the sunbeam shines on the other sofa and I’ve discovered it’s REALLY WARM.

Yesterday I was hanging out in my new beam.


Sadie-Shih-Tzu-dog-1I hope spring has finally sprung for you.


  1. Sadie, I just loves all of your beautiful portraits! Here’s hoping for Spring in your neck of the woods soon! Pug hugs from Mamma Biscuit and family!

  2. Sadie, we’ve missed you! Glad to see you and your sunbeam :-)

  3. I *think* Spring has sprung here, but I’m not sure. The weather just keeps flip flopping all over the place!

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