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I kissed a ferret

I love my boyfriend Millo very much but when you get the chance to kiss a boy ferret without commitment, you take that chance.

On Monday night my person and me walked through the snows to our local pet store to buy some stuffs.

While my person was paying I sniffed something odd.

Then I saw the smell up close and it was the strangest looking doggeh ever. Super long.

(My person tells me this is a ferret).


  1. Who could resist kissing you, Sadie, in that sweet sweater???

  2. Sadie should sing, “I kissed a ferret and I liked it!”

  3. I was very curious at first cos his body was all bendy and stuff but then I had to hide behind my person cos the boy ferret wanted to kiss me again.

  4. Ferrets are nice and bendy!

  5. That is the cutest picture ever!! I think I might not want to kiss it though – your a hoot Miss Sadie!

  6. awwwww…
    that is so sweet.
    and what a beautiful kiss :o)
    we love ferrets. they're so cute *woof*

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