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I have been usurped by Sophie Shih Tzu

If you’re a regular reader of Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu then you’ll know I have a favourite spot that I like to lie in on the back of the sofa looking out the window in the front room.

Well apparently I was on to something.

Sophie Shih Tzu has usurped me.

Can you believe it? There I was minding my own business, licking my feets and I turn around to see Sophie plonked right in my spot.

That just won’t do. And she’s a guest in my house. The cheek of it!

Fortunately I am a dog with ingenuity: I’ve discovered I can step on Sophie and sit in front of her.

As an aside my person asked me to mention that the windows look worse than they are. They’re not really that dirty.


  1. Of couse those are not dirty windows, they just have a bit of dog spitz on them. we do that here too.

  2. BOL BOL how clever. And now it looks like you're sharing your favorite spot with your guest! Go Sadie!
    By the way your window's a lot cleaner thant ours.

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