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Holidays: under six feet of snow and 16 paw of dogs

Right now my ‘real’ persons are away. So I’m staying with some ‘other’ persons.

They have big and small dogs and big and small, small persons – yes you read that right.

The big man person that I’m staying with isn’t used to four dogs in his house.

He has two dogs: Molly and Ella.

And now me and Sophie Shih Tzu are staying with him.

He sent an email to my persons last night saying:

Am under six feet of snow and 16 paw of dogs.

Here we are are on a walkies earlier. Shown in the photo below are the two small persons.


PS – on the day my persons left town it snowed like crazy. 20cm or more in a very short time. That’s why the man person is talking about six feet of snows.