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Holidays: My August staycation with Miss Glynis

Yesterday I wrote about my holidays at the lake. Before I went to the lake, I stayed in Winnipeg with my new friend Miss Glynis while my persons went to America for a few days.

Miss Glynis took me for lots of walks and I made a comfy bed in her house. I watched her eat pie with her friend and I met her mum and dad.

Sorry for the little accidents Miss Glynis. I missed my person. During my recent stay at the lake I didn’t have one accident. I was a very good doggeh.

Here I am (below) on a blanket at Miss Glynis’ house.

Here I am under a blanket (below) at Miss Glynis’ house.

Sometimes I came out from under the blanket to hang out on the kitchen floor (below). I helped supervise Miss Glynis while she made apple sauce. I’m very good at supervising food-making.

Thank you Miss Glynis for looking after me.

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  1. My pleasure Sadie. You were a wonderful houseguest and walker, and your supervision in the kitchen was most helpful. My friends, neighbours and my mom and dad all commented on what a nice doggie you are, and wondered when you would visit again!

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