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Guest post: To zoom or not to zoom by Ella-Fitz’Gerald Stewart

This guest post is by my good Facebook friend, the lovely Ella-Fitz’Gerald Stewart. She’s one funny doggeh. Probably the funniest I know. And I know lots of doggehs.

You might recognise Ella. She appeared on Day 2 of my 12 Days of Cuteness 2011.


Hi, I’n Ella Fitz’Gerald and my dear pal Sadie ax me to give a speech on summit. So after carefull figuration, I acided to speech about the importance of exercise safely.

Is that time of years again when we got to get outside, feel a spring in our shoes (even flip-flops!) and enjoy outdoor ak-tivities. Like racing after nothin in partikalur (these epi-sodes are called ‘zoomies’) or mebbe a birdie, squirlie (sorry Peanut the Squirrel!) or any other thing that might capture your fancy to chase.

You also might ex-resize yourself (or person) by walking, jogging (not me – gives me hay-uh frizzies) or lolly gagging (of which I an an expert.)

Now, lemme stress, is verra verra important to not get hurt.

No afleet wants injury. Because you know why? Because it hurts you daft doodle. An I’n all about being comfortable (pls to see photo below).

 So, when racing about, do it in short spurts as I haf illustrated in my short video (below – if you’re reading this via email you’ll need to go to the post on my site to see the video). Pay carefulls attention to my brief exursions. Nothing crazy. Working off those calories safely. That’s EXERCISE SAFELY!

And as an example of wreckless zoomie-ness I have a piture here of my sister Minnie Pearlie. She injured herself by running and racing at the same time! You cannot do that. You will get hurt, like she did. And guess what? Yep, you guessed it Einstein, it’ll hurt!

 Then the question then is to zoom or not to zoom. And the answer is this: practise exercise safely so you don’t wind up a medicated zoombie!

Yur in Pawsitude, Ella Fitz’Gerald


  1. Ella! You are a great writer! Buster and I loved it and I will be sharing it! Great idea Sadie, to ask Ella to write for you!

  2. Sadie, i had a lot of fun writing this and yu did an EXCellente job with posting and everything! Luv it! ~ella f.s.

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