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Guest post: My life as a volunteer dog toy by Baxter Bunny

Baxter Bunny writes …

Sadie Shih Tzu asked me to do a guest post for her fabulous blog. I felt so honored and then I had this terrible creative block, so I kept putting it off.

This creative block has been really bugging me and I’ve been wandering around my neighborhood trying to get the creative juices flowing and nothing has happened.

I sit in the park all day watching the squirrels chase each other off their territory and protect their buried treasure of nuts all around.

I sit on the fence and watch the dogs run back and forth through their dog park – they look like they’re having so much fun. In fact everyone seems to be having a lot of fun doing creative things except for me.

We had a hurricane here in New York, and everyone was so busy preparing for the worst.

My friends at the dog shelter were especially busy because the shelter was in a flood zone so they had to find a space to accommodate all the dogs that was NOT in a flood zone.

Someone offered a great space and after they moved all the puppies out of their normal space. They were a little stressed out.

In case you didn’t know, we animals have special senses that can detect bad weather coming, so sometimes we start freaking out about weather that might be hundreds of miles away.

Anyway, my friends called me and said, “Hey Baxter, since you occasionally volunteer as a dog toy, we were wondering if you could stop by and play with the dogs? We could really use a dog toy and you would help the animals get their minds off all the stress of the circumstances.”

I was feeling pretty down in the dumps and I really didn’t want to go, but I went anyway because I take my job title of “Volunteer Dog Toy” seriously.

Those little dogs were so happy I was there! They couldn’t even wait for me to get in the cage.

You probably think it’s real easy being a volunteer dog toy, but there are some real hazards with this job.

First off, I have to be real careful that the dogs don’t bite hard enough to rip my precious polyester coat. I mean, that may be okay for some dog toys, but I am not your average toy, I am Baxter Bunny and I have a blog and Facebook page to keep up and running. I can’t be all mangled from the hazards of my volunteer job. I have to look good for photographs all the time. So, it’s best that the dogs are closely supervised by some responsible humans.

The dogs don’t mean to rip me to shreds but, you know, sometimes puppies get carried away and they have to be taught to play nice.

I always make sure there are some good humans around to supervise, and it’s best if those humans have really loud voices so they can yell in the direction of the dogs when it looks like they’re about to rip me to shreds. A simple “No” or “Easy now Doggie” is usually good enough.

Even though we don’t like accidents, they do happen.

That’s why Photoshop is such a good invention.

I mean, if I were accidentally ripped I can always use the magic of Photoshop to hide it. Movie stars do it all of the time.

You don’t really think Tom Cruise still looks like he’s 30 years old – he has wrinkles all around his eyes and on his forehead that magically disappear with a few Photoshop techniques. Thank goodness I have not had to use these techniques because, fortunately for me, all my Volunteer Dog Toy accidents have been very minor and have only required a couple stitches on leg. No big deal.

My day of volunteer work really helped wipe the blues away. I was so busy trying to think of something creative that I forgot to just get out and have some fun.

All that fun with the dogs gave me something creative to write about and took me right out of that funk I was in for so long. Seriously, who wouldn’t be smiling after spending time with these awesome dogs?

I want to thank Sadie for inviting me to write a guest post and giving me the opportunity to share a little about myself. Sadie Shih Tzu rocks!

About Baxter Bunny

Baxter Bunny is a stuffed bunny who sat on a pillow on top of someone’s bed for years until one day he got really tired of being a pillow ornament and decided to hop off that pillow and see the world.

Since that day Baxter has travelled all over the city of New York and quite a few other cities too – he is hoping to travel the world!

You can check out Baxter’s latest adventures at When Baxter isn’t blogging and tweeting he enjoys art, lettuce and making people smile.


  1. What a trooper you are BB!  I am so proud of you for volunteering for quite  a hazardous assignment. Glad to know you doing well… :-)

  2. Well now I have seen you in all your glory.  You look exactly like Rabbie my eldest grandson’s favourite toy.  I gave him Rabbie a few days after he was born and they went everywhere together for many years.  Rabbie still sits on James’ bookcase even though James is now 16.
    That was a very generous thing you did for all those stressed dogs.  Well done Baxter

    • I think Rabbie needs to get my book “How I went from being a toy to a volunteer toy in three easy steps.” It will be on sale on Amazon soon. Have Rabbie look for it.

  3. So generous of you Baxter! :) Glad they treated you well!

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