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Goodbye Charlie Puppy

Charlie puppy lives down the road from us – just two houses away.

Her peoples had to get her another home cos she’s a puppy and they have small persons.

I like playing with Charlie. Lots.

Today I said goodbye because she goes to her new home tomorrow.

We had an extra long playdate running around in the garden.

Charlie’s pretty smart – she worked out that if she could get hold of my tail when we’re chasing each other then she could keep up with me.

I’m gonna miss Charlie. Nothing like running around with a dog attached to my tail.

My person is gonna miss Charlie. She’s been super sad this week because she wanted to give Charlie a new home in our house (not sure I’d really want that). And the man person said no.

Not that the man person rules but my person knew it wasn’t quite right. But that doesn’t stop her from being sad.

Apparently Charlie is going to a good home with a nice lady and small persons.

Goodbye Charlie.

I loved playing with you, biting you and chasing you. I hope you’re very happy in your new home and the peoples are super nice to you cos you’re a super nice doggeh.


  1. awww Sadie…saying goodbye is always hard…

    I hope Charlie's happy in her new home.

  2. You and your person have such good hearts, Sadie.

  3. You and your person have such good hearts, Sadie!

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