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Dog stuffs: The Great Breed Checklist

Are you thinking about adopting a doggeh?

Obviously I think you should get a Shih Tzu but I might be biased.

Have you ever wondered about the qualities of the top 10 most popular dog breeds? What makes us different and unique? Which of us is good with children and which of us requires daily brushing? And did you even know that some of us need brushing everyday? Personally, I hate being brushed.

This cool slideshow tells you all about 80 lb Labrador Retrievers to tiny 11 lb Shih Tzus (like me).

Find out what makes us doggehs so lovable.

The Great Breed Checklist
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  1. How comes we are #10? I think Shih Tzu needs to be #1 in Most Popular,
    Best Doggehs EVERs! And we are definitely the dogs of royalty, and we
    certainty act that way, too. Don’t you agree? 

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