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Dobermans and Shih Tzus

I’ve had a party weekend.

Bizillions of peoples and animals shouting and screeching.

It was Sarah’s high school graduation and I got an invite!

Apparently I wasn’t the only doggeh to get an exclusive invite.

Mr Motley (yes, as in Motley Crew) who is a GINORMOUS Doberman was there and I didn’t like it. So I tried to fight Motley when one of the party guests was singing a special song to Sarah on a guitar. My man person scooped me up in his arms and craddled me like a baby.

It felt nice at first.

Then I struggled to get down.

It’s not very smart to pick a fight with a big doggeh.

Sorry – no photos of that cos my person was trying to be discreet during my fight. Try 15 people in a room watching a guitary thing with a woofing doggeh.

I was a bit naughty …

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  1. You have a very cute doggies! I got only one shih tzu, her name is Kiara.

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