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Chinese fury of the Shih Tzu

I was inspired by a fellow Twitter member – also a Shih Tzu – who talked of his Chinese fury. It explained a lot to me.

Often when I’m out walking my person I’m overcome with an inexplicable rage and want to rip my leash to shreds. My person is none-to-pleased. For those of you that didn’t know (and I think my person might be one of them), us Shih Tzu pooches were bred in China and lived with a super-duper Empress. We’re quite refined. Actually.

So I’ve concluded that it’s merely my Chinese heritage bubbling to the surface every so often.

Oh, and it could have something to do with my Rottweiler tendancies.

I have a sneaking suspicion I was a Rottweiler in a past life – if you believe in that kind of mumbo jumbo. Which I don’t. Whoever heard of a dog being reincarnated? Don’t answer that.