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Blizzard conditions in Shih Tzu land

I am trapped indoors.

I have already chewed my person’s rubber boots.

I have eaten an entire bully stick.

I have thrown the duck around the basement.

I have waited patiently to lick the steak bits off my person’s plate.

And now. I’m bored.

Lots of snows came yesterday and today and made a big blizzard. The white bits swirled around outside. I watched it through the living room window with my person.

The sidewalks haven’t been cleared and the windchill is minus 31 so my person said ‘no walkies.’

(PS: the photo isn’t really of our blizzard. Remember the man person broke the camera and my mama’s cell phone only takes decent photos in daylight, non-blizzard conditions so we had to turn to Flickr Creative Commons to find this one. )

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  1. wow blizzard… minus 31! Sadie you should come here *woof* bring your person too.
    mom, we need more beds!

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