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Behaviour: reverse sneezing (snorting) and how to stop it

Sometimes I do this weird thing where I snort a lot. It can go on for a minute or so and then I stop. I did it tonight.

My person did a little research and found out that this is called reverse sneezing (inspiratory paroxysmal respiration). It is most common in smaller doggehs.

According to what we read, this isn’t something that harms us. It’s usually caused by excitement or an irritant such as dust.

We found a video which shows a doggeh doing reverse sneezing and how their person stops it by pinching the doggeh’s nose.

Please always get proper advice from your vet person if your doggeh is having any problems.


  1. My 7 yr old Shih-Tzu, who was very infrequently experiencing this recently had a three day bout with the issue. Per my vets advice (BE SURE YOU GO TO THE VET BEFORE ADMINISTERING MEDICATIONS TO ANY ANIMAL), I gave him a half of a 25 mg Benadryl (strictly only Diphenhydramine) twice a day. This gradually helped it become more infrequent. What, in my mind, REALLY helped the little guy was simply giving him a good bath. I mean the kind where you soak them for a bit, wash eyes, toes, mouth, nose..etc. That night he finally got some good rest and a few days later is back to his frolicking, playful self!

    Best of luck! If you are anything like me, you feel for your pup as they struggle with this affliction…..

  2. Our Bella does this too. If we rub her neck and chest, it’ll stop right away. She usually starts to panic if it goes on too long, but it is pretty easy to stop. Thx for the info!

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