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Bad Sadie behaviour

My [extremely cute] Twitter pal Baby Patches – pictured above – is running a contest on her site about bad things we’ve done.

You know, like bad animal behaviour. It’s in honour of her second birthday – the terrible twos. I’ve been suffering from the terrible twos since I was six weeks old.

I’ve done some terrible things including:

1) Chewed my man person’s hockey skates

2) Chewed my person’s slippers

3) Chewed the wooden scrubbing brush

4) Eaten (literally) the waist band on my person’s jeans and eaten more socks than you’d think possible

My ongoing battle with badness concerns the living room furniture.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking is that I caused the death of my boyfriend by chewing him to pieces.

Today I reached a new high in chewing: my person had a client come to our house and I chewed his Ralph Lauren shoes. Oops. My person offered to pay for the damage of course but, damn, those shoes tasted good.

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  1. So funny, you obviously have good taste in shoes,but OMG you must be super cute to get around that one!

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