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An open letter to Cesar Millan

Dear Mr Cesar,

I was super excited to hear you’re coming to Canada – that’s where I live. I’m a little Shih Tzu from the Canadian prairies. Did you know that Canada has the cutest most disobedient Shih Tzu’s in the world? Honestly.

In fact, the real problem lies in the city of Winnipeg. Shih Tzu’s are running the place. It’s chaos.

We’re also pretty good at getting other doggies into troubles.

The peoples of Winnipeg need help to control us all.

We all watch your televisions show but some people (shhhh, like my person) are a bit crappy at doing all the things you say.

For example, I have:

1) Chewed my man person’s hockey skates
2) Chewed my person’s slippers:
3) Chewed the wooden scrubbing brush:
4) Eaten the waist band on my person’s jeans and eaten more socks and shoes than you’d think possible.

And they were all delicious!

Apparently this isn’t good doggie behaviour and my person says you can help me and all of the naughty doggies in Winnipeg by coming here and telling us all your good stuffs.

Ok, ok, I get it. You’ve never heard of Winnipeg. Did you know that Justin Beiber’s dad is from Winnipeg? Neil Young is from here too. Best of all A. A. Milne named Winnie the Pooh after Winnipeg. And that’s a bear which is almost a dog. So Winnipeg is super famous.

We need you Mr Cesar. Winnipeg needs you Mr Cesar. Cute and disobedient doggies on the prairies need you. Please come to our city.

A nice music band called the Weakerthans wrote a pretty song about Winnipeg (don’t let the ‘hate’ part put you off).


  1. I just wanted to say, I had a little Shih Tzu and her name was Sadie. She was 14 years old when we had to put her to sleep and she is now in doggy heaven playing with all the other Shih Tzu puppies. We named her Sadie after my husbands Grandmother, she loved it! It was back when there were no puppy’s called Sadie. She was so well loved and she is missed every day, but she also loved us back so much and gave us great joy. Took me over a year to get over her death, but now we have Nala another Shih Tzu. These dogs are one of the smarted breed, I trained both of my dogs not to bark. Nala talks to you and she knows how to do Stop, Drop and Roll, got that from Cesars show and took me a couple of weeks to teach her. The only thing is… boy does she lick you and if you and Sadie figure out how to stop this one, post it! ;-) Take care, Judith

    • Mrs Judith – I’m so glad you know that all the best Shih Tzu’s are called Sadie. Actually my name comes from a misunderstanding – my person asked folks at her office for name suggestions. One person shouted out ‘Satan’ and my person misheard and thought he said ‘Sadie.’ She thought that Sadie was a lovely name. True story. I’m very happy that your Sadie lived with you for all those years. Nala sounds like lots of funs. xxx

  2. Sadie, I love your blog; my person shares with me (Zarzamora the Shih Tzu/ poodle cross), (It gives me longer legs and maybe a bit more attitude), but for sheer evil I have to tell you about my sorta sister dog Annie, who used to be Orphan Annie , but now has got really uppity and calls herself Anna-stays-ere. Any way she was so terribly bad, my persons have a puppy, oh no they call him a son, well this son was looking for a partner and found a very sweet deaf girl and invited her fro a sleep over. WELL can you imagine that daft little bitch ate the deaf girls hearing aids, But the son was really good and bought new ones it was worth bags and bags of dog food…so dumb but not deaf Annie came to live with us.
    The happy couple are celebrating a year of marriage today and my people have got all mushy about that but we stiil have that Annie with with us.

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