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Adorable stuffs: Live puppy cam

UPDATE: This post has been updated with more puppy cams since its original publish date.

They’re not mine, ok. I’m fixed.

My friend, Mrs Heather of Pudgy Dog, wrote about this on Facebook last night and we, of course, had to check this out.

I can confirms that this is as cute as it sounds.

These puppies are mini Labradoodles. I don’t know this breeder so don’t endorse her/him but the puppy cam is super cutes.

We checked in and the baby doggehs are lying on top of each other and prowling around, falling over and stuffs. Right now one of them has fallen out of bed and is lying by itself on its back on the carpet. And has fallen asleep. Too cutes!

There is a bed way to smalls for them all and they are crammed in on top on one another sleeping.

If you have a chance you have to check in on the cuteness.

Since we’re on the subject of puppy cams, I decided to Google the term and see what we came up with.

THIS is a way cuter puppy cam. The lighting is better and the puppies are CUTER.

Below is a screen shot we just took. Check out the cute puppy on its back with its legs in the air.

We also found this puppy cam from Miami featuring Chihuahuas. Very cutes. And they have a whole blog with super cutetastic photos.

North Shore Animal League America has a good puppy cam too and these puppies are looking for homes. The puppies are currently jumping all over the camera so we’re seeing lots of cute bellies.

This puppy cam is our favourite. The Animal League wants to draw attention to doggeh adoption so they’ve expanded their live coverage to include 40 puppies, all under five months old and some as young as 10 weeks, who are looking for permanent and loving homes.

The 40 puppies were rescued from a puppy mill in Oklahoma. They include Pomeranian/Bichon Frises, Havanese/Bichon Frises, French Bulldog/Pugs, Cocker Spaniel/Poodles, Shih Tzu mixes, Poodles and Chihuahuas. CUTETASTIC!

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