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A very sad day: I miss you Oscar

Lovely Oscar kitteh

So you know I use Twitter a lot?

One of my favourite anipals on Twitter was a kitteh called Oscar.

Oscar was everyone’s friend. Because of him I started the doggeh group on Flickr.

We tweeted a bit. But for some reason I just really liked Oscar. Oscar was a wise kitteh. Sadly today he died. He was 18 years old which, my person tells me, is darn good for a kitteh.

My person cried a bit. And I felt really bad then went and chased my tennis ball.

See, the thing is Oscar was one of those social Twitter kittehs (like Brewski and Monkey) who bring anipals together. There are so many very special kittehs on Twitter but Oscar had this thing in him – he wanted to create a kitteh movement. And he didn’t care that I am a doggeh.

My thoughts are with Oscar’s personal assistant Angie. This must be a yucky thing for her. Her other kitteh Henry should be getting the licks in to comfort her.

I might only be a puppy doggeh but I do know that this makes persons sad.

I miss Oscar too.


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